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Funny Munnee

The cartoon character - Funny Munnee, is perhaps a financial idiot who thinks he is a genius. He sometimes does stupid things with money. Through  his mistakes, you sure to pick up a tip or two, here and there.

Short articles. Funny comics! You'll love Munnee whether you love reading or not.

The Happy Pill for Better Financial Health

Funny Munnee book - Laugh to Get Rich

The very first published financial comics

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Creators of Funny Munnee


KCLau Pioneer of online financial education, KCLau is the founder of many online courses such as Bursa Method, Invest Bursa, Property Method, Founder Method and Money Automation System. KCLau, bestselling financial author

CW Tan

CW Tan CW Tan's comic first appeared in KCLau's book, Top Money Tips for Malaysians. He draws comic since secondary school. CW Tan